Sezer Zhivkov is a multi-modal health and fitness expert who has been improving the lives of his clients for many years. Pulling from his exhaustively diverse fitness expertise, coupled with a vast experience in the field of fitness and nutrition he has earned many educational certificates in the field of sports, nutrition, and sciences. Sezer creates truly customized and effective fitness and nutritional programming that will change your life.

Coach, educator and 100% motivator; Sezer is your greatest health-enabler. You’ll also get a healthy dose of humor, and delightfully direct banter to keep you motivated and entertained all while he sneakily propels you through plateaus.

Sezer’s work and experience helped him understand how specific combinations of nutrition and exercise can help others achieve the look they want—from naturally slimming down, to gaining lean, ripped muscle.

Sezer makes a unique personal connection with his clients and addresses a broad range of health and wellness needs. He is inspired to help people achieve optimal health with lifestyle solutions that are effective in the real world.

With his positive and practical approach, Sezer helps his clients achieve their health and fitness goals in a way that are effective, enjoyable and sustainable to ensure the long-term success for each individual.

Sezer has a love for imparting his knowledge to others, and his passion is obvious when attending one of his workshops or events.

Sezer enjoys working with all fitness levels, and his specialties include nutrition and lifestyle coaching, training clients new to exercise as well as clients with (or recovering from) injuries.

Sezer lives in the Varberg, Sweden. He owns and operates a performance training and nutrition facility where he practices his passion for personal training and consultation.

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Boråsgatan 6, 432 45

Varberg, Sverige

Tel: +46737018321

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